Patient Information

Patient Forms

The following forms can be downloaded to your computer, printed and filled out at home. Filling out these forms ahead of time will help make your visits to Grace Dental as quick and convenient as possible. If you have any questions when filling out the form our staff will happily assist you with any questions on the day of your appointment.

 New Patient Form
 Medical History
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 Treatment Consent Form


Financial information

Our office provides direct billing to all private insurances and government subsidized programs. Patients are responsible for their portion of the dental treatment that is not covered by their insurance or if they electively choose to undergo dental procedures that are outside of the insurance coverage.

All the fees of the office are set at the provincial average based on the surveys conducted by the Alberta Dental Association and College. To access these surveys and to see the provincial average's please check out the following link:

 Our dental team will provide you with the full spectrum of services that apply to your individual needs and inform you of any costs prior to providing the services. You, as the patient, will always have the final say on the treatment modality.


2018 ADA&C Fee

With much deliberation, we have decided as an office to comply with the Alberta Dental Association and College (ADA&C) fee guide. We have been following this fee guide since January 2018. Please be advised that our office complies with the fee guide but this does not mean that the insurances comply with the ADA & C fee guides. 

Our only exception to this fee guide concerns dentures, since we feel, in this office, a lot of extra appointments and work goes into a properly made denture. Since we do not charge for any of the interim steps to ensuring a good fit, we can not match the ADA&C fee guide for dentures as cutting steps and reducing the number of appointments and times would compromise the fit of the denture. Since January 2018, we have inserted numerous dentures for our patients and most insurances have matched our prices for the dentures in the predeterminations sent.

If you require additional information regarding your insurance and whether they comply with the fee guide, we would be happy to send in a predetermination for all work to be completed. 

Do not hesitate to call us if you have any concerns or questions about your coverage. Our office has an open book policy where we feel you should know what is being done to your mouth at every appointment and how much you are responsible for paying.